Friday, November 21, 2008

Curved Connections

Pop Quiz: How many connections exist between Node 1 and Node 2?

Since connections are drawn on top of one another, it is not always easy to tell. This is a problem that many people using Zest have faced. To assist with this, I have added a new API on GraphConnection. You can now call GraphConnection#setDepth to curve the connections.

GraphSnippet11 shows how this API can be used. I still have to add the functionality to the JFace viewer, but the functionality should be there by the time M4 comes out.


Eugene Kuleshov said...

Pretty cool, Ian. Though it would be really neat if grraph layout manager would take care of setting the curve depth automatically.

jayaprakash said...

Hey Ian, i have a question for you on Graph. Can i draw a graph on a invisible drawable area? If it is yes, how?
please reply soon....
thanks in advance,

plasticfloor said...

I just checked with the lastest release of GEF and i see the api is still not exposed.. any idea when we could expect it?
could really help out on my project