Friday, August 17, 2007


With Wassim publicly announcing his departure from IBM and his reduced role on PDE, I thought I would use this opportunity to say a few thank-yous, and suggest a new award at EclipseCon.

I first started within with Eclipse in January 2003, and my first exposure was with GEF. It was part of my PhD research (that is *hopefully* almost finished :) ) and it was at IBM as a research student. Throughout my time working on / with Eclipse, numerous people helped me along. First is Wassim, who contacted me about building a graphical view for Plug-in Dependencies. Many-a-nights I would find him on-line asking him stupid questions like why does the PDE have 5 different models to represent Plug-ins. I'm not sure who I'm going to turn to now to help solve my confusion (I'm already hounding Mike and Brian of the PDE Team). The second person I need to thanks is Chris Aniszczyk. Chris is actually my Summer of Code mentor and I'm not sure if he knows *everything* about Eclipse, but he sure knows everyone! Chris is also knows everything about Eclipse process and can really help get things done. Finally, and maybe most importantly, is Ed Merks. Ed is my IBM research mentor and I still turn to him for real life advice (not to mention all my questions on the newsgroup that keep him busy).

With the departure of Wassim (and no he is not the first committer to leave), you start to realize the importance of junior developers and Eclipse up-and-comers. Eclipse thrives both because of its user base and developers, but what if one company decided to pull all its committers? In order to ensure Eclipse growth continues, it is important that new committers (both from existing member companies, and elsewhere) join the ship. This is why I would like to throw the idea our there of a mentorship award at EclipseCon. An award for the committer who goes out of their way to bring new committers on board?


Good luck Wassim!


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Thanks for the kudos. I'm just friendly and want to see Eclipse succeed in the future. I like building communities :)

I know a lot about the Eclipse process, but there are still things unknown to me. Bjorn should win the process award :)

Wassim Melhem said...

Thanks Ian.

The Mentor award would certainly be a great recognition for committers who go above and beyond to grow the community of contributors.

As for the plug-in models, are you suggesting we start using EMF, since EMF is the solution to all the problems of the universe? ;)