Thursday, August 24, 2006

Swing, A Native Widget?

I like SWT. I really like SWT!!! I am completely bought into the entire "Native look and feel". I like my Java applications to look like all my other GTK+ applications. I like my themes, I like my fonts, I like my colours.

I have been advocating this for a few years now, but every now and then I stumble upon a non-believer. Some people think that Java applications should look different. Since Java is running on its own VM, I have heard arguments that SWT does not look native! Native means that it should look like Java because the Java VM is the system it is running on.

Ok, maybe there is some validity here. Maybe we want the napkin look and feel for a fun looking Image Browser. SWTSwing gives us this by considering Swing A native widget that SWT wraps. In the same way SWT wraps GTK+, Motif, Win32, etc... so everyone who uses these platforms are happy. Now SWTSwing wraps Swing.

Now I can continue advocating SWT, but if I really want it to look like a Java App, it can!

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