Wednesday, July 05, 2006

96 Votes and Closing!

Finding technology advice using google can sometimes be a real pain. For example, try using google to search for GTK Performance related links (performance tweaks, performance improvements, etc...). Most of the hits are pre 2004, and it is hard to tell if the advice given (or roadmaps drawn out) are valid anymore.

The same thing holds true for Eclipse Bug#37683 (Address platform-specific UI performance problems). Most of the advice here is out-of-date, and many of the problems reported have been fixed. While the SWT team has done a remarkable job over the past few years fixing performance problems, there are still several "Platform Specific Performance Problems" with SWT (Bug #134760, Bug#51693, among others). Steve Northover has proposed closing this bug, and I completely agree with him! This bug report provides very little value to the SWT user and developer communities. It is too general to use for SWT planning and too out dated for the average user. However, the bug does have 1 very valuable contribution, it is one of the most voted for bugs and it indicates that platform specific performance problems are important to the Eclipse community. If you are interested in SWT performance, please voice your opinions about this bug report in bugzilla!

I think comment #211 is an excellent idea. Each release the SWT team could create a bug report that we could use to track performance related issues for that release. Concrete bugs that are currently being investigated could be linked to this report. This would not only give the user community a chance to pitch in on current development efforts, but it would also give us a chance to share up-to-date information regarding performance tips with one anther. For example, I just recently discovered how much Xinerama hurts performance when it is enabled for dual monitor support. Now this may be common knowledge to most people out there, but I bet there is at least 1 other Linux user who did not know this, and it would be great to have an updated performance forum to share this information.

It might even be a good idea to distill the most relevant performance advice and post it to a page on the Eclipse Wiki.

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Le ScaL said...

I would favor the wiki as not all users think about checking bugzilla for tips and tricks